jpg, png results of inscape & Gimp opaque when uploaded on the web

Why? What are the parameters that have not filled it. Experiences create images with Gimp and Inscape always fail, the result is always blurry pictures every time the show on the Web. Though the size and the Resolution was ditinggiin.

I create Jpeg format and Png, results to both the same. Before I upload pictures to the web, go through my pictures View Image inherited from ubuntu, everything was perfect, very sharp image, zoom in any image is not broken. Which part is wrong?

Kenapa? Apa ada parameter yang belum diisi ya. Pengalaman membuat gambar dengan Gimp dan Inscape selalu gagal, hasil gambar selalu buram setiap kali di tampilkan di Web. Padahal ukuran dan Resolution sudah ditinggiin. Format yang saya buat Jpeg dan Png, hasil ke dua-duanya sama.

Sebelum gambar saya upload ke web, gambar saya buka lewat View Image bawaan dari ubuntu, semuanya sempurna, gambar sangat tajam, di zoom pun gambar tidak pecah. Bagian mana yang salah?

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