Kombinasi Keyboard yang sering digunakan dalam Corel Draw

The useful list

Standard windows commands not shown here

F5 – Add simple frame
F6 – Add new Keyframe
F7 – Add blank Keyframe
CTRL+ENTER – Test a Movie

F9 – Action Panel
F4 – Show/Hide All Panels
F10 – Keystroke Menu command mode

Tools Panel

While drawing on the stage you quickly can change tools that way.

V – Selection Tool
A – Sub Selection Tool
Q – Free Transform tool
F – Gradient Transform Tool
L – Lasso Tool

P – Pen Tool
N – Line Tool
T – Text Tool
R – Rectangle Tool
O – Oval Tool
Y – Pencil Tool
B – Paint Brush

S – Ink Bottle
K – Paint Bucket
I – EyeDropper
D – Dropper
E – Eraser

H – Hand Tool
M,Z – Magnifier (Zoom)

Modifying and editing

CTRL+G – Group
CTRL+SHIFT-G – Ungroup
CTRL+B – Break Apart

CTRL+A – Select All
CTRL+SHIFT+A – Deselect All
CTRL+C – Copy
CTRL+V – Paste
CTRL+SHIFT+V – Paste in Place
CTRL+D – Duplicate

CTRL+SHIFT+O – Optimize Curves

CTRL+T – Modify Font
CTRL+SHIFT+T – Modify Paragraph
CTRL+left Arrow – Narrower Letter Spacing (kerning)
CTRL+right Arrow – wider Letter Spacing (kerning)

CTRL+SHIFT+9 – Rotate 90° Clockwise
CTRL+SHIFT+7 – Rotate 90° Counter clockwise
CTRL+SHIFT+Z – Remove Transform

CTRL+ALT+S – Scale and Rotate
CTRL+SHIFT+Z – Remove Transform


CTRL+Up Arrow – Move Ahead
CTRL+Down Arrow – Move Behind
CTRL+SHIFT+Up Arrow – Bring to Front
CTRL+SHIFT+Down Arrow – Send to Back

CTRL+ALT+1 – Left Align
CTRL+ALT+2 – Horizontal Center
CTRL+ALT+3 – Right Align
CTRL+ALT+4 – Top Align
CTRL+ALT+5 – Vertical Center
CTRL+ALT+6 – Bottom Align
CTRL+ALT+7 – Distribute Widths
CTRL+ALT+9 – Distribute Heights
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+7 – Make Same Width
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+9 – Make Same Height
CTRL+ALT+8 – Set “Align to stage”



Windows and Panels

Open/close various Panels

F1 – Help
F4 – Show/Hide Panels
CTRL+K – Align Panel
CTRL+T – Transform
SHIFT+F9 – Color Mixer
CTRL+F9 – Color Swatches
CTRL+L – Show/Hide Library
F9 – Actions

If your screen is big enough you won’t need these a lot …

CTRL+F3 – Properties Inspector
CTRL+F2 – Tools Panel
CTRL+ALT-T – Timeline
CTRL+M – Modify Movie Properties
CTRL+E – Toggle between Edit Movie& Edit Symbol Mode
CTRL+SHIFT+L – Show/Hide Timeline
CTRL+SHIFT+W – Show/Hide Work Area

Frames and Symbols

(most of the time, position first inside the timeline)

F5 – Add frame (extend the timeline)
SHIFT+F5 – Delete Frame
F6 – Add Key Frame (and copy over old contents)
SHFIT-F6 – Clear Key Frame
F7 – Add Blank Key Frame (and leave the stage empty)

F8 – Turn into Symbol
CTRL+F8 – Make new Symbol

CLICK DRAG – Move keyframe (Select, release – then drag !)
CTRL-DRAG – Select several Frames


Enter – Play Movie
CTRL+0 (zero) – Rewind Movie
< – Previous Frame
> – Next Frame

CTRL+ENTER – Test Movie

Home – Goto First Scene
End – Goto Last Scene
Page Up – Goto Previous Scene
Page Down – Goto Next Scene


CTRL+N – New File
CTRL+O – Open File
CTRL+S – Save File

CTRL+R – Import Image/Sound/etc…
CTRL+SHIFT+O – Open as Library

SHIFT+F12 – Publish
CTRL+SHIFT+R – Export to .swf/.spl/.gif/etc…


CTRL+1 – View movie at 100% size
CTRL+2 – Show Frame
CTRL+3 – Show All

Generate shortcut table

  • Menu Edit->Keyboard shortcuts
  • Click on the little icon on top right (Export Set as HTML). This will generate a single HTML file with several tables, showing all commands that can have a shortcuts plus the shortcuts currently defined.

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